CHANEL Rouge Coco Baume ~ 928 Pink Delight


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CHANEL has reinvented lip balm and made it as desirable as an iconic lipstick, for buildable colour and better-looking lips, day after day.

A unique lip balm with a dual "COLOUR AND CARE" function. ROUGE COCO BAUME's smart formula allows for customised coverage, ranging from a sheer wash of colour after one coat to lipstick-like intensity after three coats. ROUGE COCO BAUME delivers its exceptional benefits with a naturally luminous finish that becomes more matte as it wears.

At the heart of the ROUGE COCO BAUME formula: Oleoactive, an oil derived from the fruit of the olive tree, which is high in omega-9s, and its polyphenol-rich leaves. The antioxidant properties of this oil keeps the lips looking beautiful.

Nourished from the very first swipe, the lips benefit from long-lasting hydration and 12-hour* comfort, and also feel 41%* less dry. After 28 days, the lips appear plumper (+10%*), smoother (+19%**), suppler (+77%*) and less chapped, for better-looking lips, day after day.
The flowers in the garden at La Pausa, the house where Gabrielle Chanel would go to recharge, inspired the CHANEL Makeup Creation Studio to create a colour palette ranging from a slightly pearlescent, transparent shade to a burgundy brown.

These diverse hues are presented in a white and gold version of the iconic ROUGE COCO BAUME packaging. The ivory colour echoes the softness of the texture, and the gold catches the eye, making this packaging a must-have.